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spot conlon's lover.
So put an egg in your shoe and beat it.

/not adding
i'm ashley i used to be known as cashley, chicken ashley, and turkey legz. I used to make a bunch of roleplays that failed terrible. I used to be a regular at ATL, DCR, and ATO. But they're gone.
I come here to get screencaps to make pretty graphics for my tumblr
I'm 15 now. Just so you know.
My interests include reading, maximum ride, percy jackson, josh hutcherson, jeremy sumpter. fancfiction, peter pan, boys like girls, and LOGAN LERMAN.
just saying, tell me where you found me hoe.
spot conlon's lover.
07 January 2009 @ 02:31 pm
1. the spirit
2. death race*
3. black sheep
4. beethoven the fifth*
5. scooby doo*
6. the ocean
7. 1408*
8. superstar*
9. barnyard*
10. my bloody valentine
11. step up 2 the streets
12. charlie and the chocolate factory*
13. dooms day
14. pay it forward
15. another cinderella story
16. recess:schools out*
17. paul blart: mall cop
18. push
19. alvin and the chimpmunks (wow...)
20. shark tail*

1. how to save a dog
2. hard love
3. ginger bread
4. fever
5. love, stargirl - jerry spinelli
6. peeps - scott westerfield
7. the last days -scott westerfield
8. so yesterday - scott westerfield
9. how to ditch you faerie - justine larbalestier

*-ed are already read/seen

eggs - jerry spinelli
how to ditch your faerie - scott westerfield's wife xD (forgot her name)
midnighters - scott westerfield

Ink Heart
Paul Blart Mall Cop
Race to Witch Mountain
Pink Panther 2
17 Again
Fired Up!
Crank 2
The Uninvited
Dragonball Evolution (i is nerd)


where you at?!: home playin hookey
music?!: i hate this part - pcd